Causes Of Pain In The Coccyx That Interfere With The Activity Of The

Pain in the coccyx can appear due to injuries or the cause of which is not known for sure. Given the importance of the role of the coccyx in the movement of the body, the pain of course will interfere with daily activities. The tail bone is at the very bottom of the spine. Even though it is small, but the tail bone is composed of many muscles, tendons, and ligaments that help to stabilize the body while sitting.

There are times when the tail bone is disrupted to bring the pain that will be felt for most of the day and increased at the time or during certain activities. This condition causes a person can be very pain when sitting, standing too long, rising from a sitting position to standing, defecation, menses, until sexual intercourse. In addition, the pain in the coccyx may also be accompanied by penjalaran pain in the thighs, butt, and leg (sciatica).

The symptoms of pain in the coccyx that is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, bleeding, difficulty controlling bowel movements or urination, weakness or paralysis in the legs is a serious condition that needs to get the proper handling by the doctor.

The causes and how to ease the Pain
Pain in the coccyx or also called coccydynia or coccygodynia can be due to many things from light to heavy, like sitting too long on a hard surface, the process of childbirth, trauma, degenerative joint changes due to the fall in the bone tail (fall sitting), excess body weight or less, to inappropriate posture.

In certain cases, pain in the coccyx can also be caused by arthritis, bone growth on the coccyx, pilonidal cyst, or cancer and infections.  Trauma or injury can cause coccyx into a bruising, shifted, or crack. There are several things that can be done to relieve pain in the coccyx:
  • The consumption of medications pain reliever such as ibuprofen, paracetamol, or aspirin.
  • Sitting on top of a donut-shaped pillow or form letter V. You also can sit while the Agency forward bends to help relieve the pain while sitting.
  • You could try a warm or cold compress to relieve pain in the coccyx, or with memijatnya.
  • Enough rest. Restrict activity by reducing the habit of heavy weight lifting, bending, and gentle exercise.
To know this condition further, doctors can apply examination of rectum in order to find the cause of the pain or using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to detect the possibility of degenerative changes, cracks, or tumors. Meanwhile, treatment for chronic pain in the coccyx can be run in the following ways:
  • Local anesthetic injections like drugs or kortikosteoid in the tail bone and antidepressants to relieve pain in the coccyx.
  • Manipulation or physiotherapists with massaging muscles of the tail bone. Coccygeal manipulation can be done by inserting the hand doctor swathed the glove back and forth through the anus or rectum to correct the position of the tail bone.
  • Physiotherapy with pelvic floor relaxation.
  • Coccygectomy surgery i.e. appointment of the coccyx that is only done if other treatments proven to be ineffective. However, operations that bring these risks are also not necessarily successful.
The pain in the coccyx can be accompanied by pain radiating on the buttocks, hips, and legs can be lost itself in a matter of days, but it can also failed to go up to a matter of months. Pain that continues these feels can be identified as chronic coccydynia. Therefore, please check with your doctor if the pain is severe and growing or failed to subside.
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