Learn About Coping With Dry Skin Moisturized This

Dry skin is one of the complaints often leveled by women about his physical appearance. Various ways and any efforts taken to prevent your skin is dehydrated and dry skin conditions. Dry skin or xerosis is a condition that occurs when the humidity in the skin layer stratum korneum (outermost skin layer) is reduced.

Your own skin humidity is dependent on how much of the content of fat and water molecules that are bound inside the layers of the skin. Even though we have a sweat and sebum produced by sebaceous glands as a natural Moisturiser, skin's moisture can still be declined due to certain conditions.

Some of these are due to air dry, excess sun exposure, decreased the layers of fat, moisture content and the insufficiency in the stratum korneum, which can be related to environmental conditions around, the aging process, and the quality of the intake nutrition and fluids.

If not treated, dehydration or severe dry skin can cause unbearable itching and the development of various types of skin disorders, such as eczema/dermatitis, Dermatitis, food allergies, and allergic contact against an object. On the elderly, the itching usually appear without the presence of a rash and is known with the term chronic pruritus.

Restore skin's moisture is indeed a first step in the treatment and prevention of dry skin. Learn about the various content of any beneficial Moisturiser for the skin below.

This content will increase the capacity of the stratum korneum hold water inside the skin.  Glycerin, sorbitol, ceramide, lecithin, hyaluronic acid, urea, alpha hydroxy acids and alpha (AHA) such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid are some compounds that are included in this content type.

The content is almost similar but not same as moisturized. Emollient is used to soften the skin by way of filling in the spaces between the cells of the skin while moisturizing used to add moisture to the skin. Both will be more effective if used after a shower. Linolenic acid, linoleic acid and lauric acid are some compounds that are included in this content type.

The content of functional binding or lock the moisture in the skin
Petrolatum or silicone, petroleum jelly, mineral oil and lanolin are some of the ingredients included in this content type. Although likely to be felt on the skin greasy, petroleum jelly and mineral oil moisturized apt to more effectively maintain the humidity with a more affordable price. Use after bathing when the skin is still damp in the State and apply to the skin area or hand does not feel oily.

In addition to routine use Moisturiser after bathing and hand washing, avoid shower or soak time with warm water, and consume a lot of water is some other way to avoid dehydration of the skin. Select the humidifiers are not made from alcohol, as well as in selecting bath SOAP.

Use a gentle bath SOAP and damming, non-free deodorant, perfume and detergents. Avoid scratching the itchy skin areas because it can cause sores which can be inflamed and infected. Instead, you could try putting a cold compress over the area that the itching, itching to switch.

Soon encountered the doctor in case of infection or you have dry skin and itching as a result of other diseases suffered, like diabetes, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. The doctor will determine the kind of treatment of dry skin to suit Your health condition.
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