Various Causes Of Hot Ears

Hot ears can happen to anyone. There are many things that could be the cause, ranging from trivial to need medical treatment. If you think the myths or waffle hot ears of parents, meaning there are were talking about us. However, if the date of the medical science, there are many things that can make the ears become hot. What are that?

Various Causes Of Hot Ears
The following are the various causes of ears hot you need to know more, i.e. a hot Ear can occur if we are feeling anger, shame, or anxiety. If we are in a place with a very cool temperature, ears, cheeks, and nose can become hot.

This is caused by the mechanism of the body to adjust to the surrounding temperature. The trick is to narrow the blood vessels so that blood flow to the surface of the body is reduced or slowed down (vasoconstriction). Hot ears due to change in temperature can be reduced by using earplugs.

This condition is an inflammation that occurs at the cartilage of the ear. Perikondritis can cause symptoms of earlobe feels painful, red, swollen, and feels hot. Sores on the ears, insect bites, or a history of surgery on the earlobe may lead to the emergence of this disorder.

Hot ears can also be caused by exposure to sunlight. In addition to the was hot, the ears are exposed to the Sun will also change color to red and flaky skin. To overcome it, we simply put ice or applying Aloe Vera on ear hot to cool it.

Hormonal changes
Menopause, chemotherapy, or the use of certain medications can cause hormonal changes. This condition can make the ears become hot. It is advised to avoid spicy food, alcohol, and caffeine to cope with it.

Ear infections
All people of all ages can get ear infections, both young children as well as adults. There's the difference in the symptoms that are caused. Ear infections in young children is usually accompanied by fever, headache, and decreased appetite. While ear infections adults will generally be a pain, cause of hearing loss, and out of the fluid in the ear. Ear infections require medical treatment.

Red ear syndrome
There is a rare condition that causes pains in one or both ears, i.e. the Red ear syndrome or red ear syndrome (RES). The disorder is sometimes also raises these migraines can be caused by normal everyday activities, such as washing or combing the hair, moving his neck, or stress.

RES belongs to difficult conditions treated. The symptoms can appear multiple times in a single day, could also show up a few days. It once appeared, symptoms can last for a few minutes to many hours. If you experienced it, immediately went to the doctor to get medicine.

There's more rare conditions that can make the ears, redness, heat and pain as burning, i.e. eritermalgia. Pain can even be very severe to interfere with the activity. This condition requires the handling of medical doctors.

Hot ears can be caused by many things. The treatment to cope with hot ear needs to be tailored to the cause. Some are easy to handle and is common, but some are not. If this condition is accompanied by other symptoms or to interfere with daily activities, it is advisable to immediately consult a doctor in order to be given appropriate responses.
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