Learn about treatment and prevention of Allergic

In short an allergy is a reaction to excessive foreign substances into your body. Often these allergy causing our bodies be itching, swelling, diarrhea, nausea, and even get to shortness of breath.

This allergy do not be taken lightly, because when it is exposed to the allergen is a sense of very painful indeed. Besides we feel pain, we also can not work normally again dikarena pain such or ashamed of our body parts there are swollen.

So how to treat allergies this??
Allergy fact can not be obati, but don't worry because allergies can be prevented until the risk of occurrence of this allergy can be reduced by up to 95%. Allergy Prevention and Treatment tips as for some type of allergic reaction is as follows:
  • Allergy to food
  • Allergic to feathers
  • Allergic to dirt or dust
  • Terhadapa allergy against the fickle weather
  • Allergy medicines
Keep how is it prevented?
The first tip is to keep your environment clean, with clean your automatic life spared from all sorts of diseases, including allergies to avoid foods that can make your allergies, suppose that you are allergic to seafood then try to do not consume these foods even though only a little.

If you have a pet at home, and you happen to be allergic to feathers, then I suggest it is better to deposit the pet to another place, like your brother at home. If you are allergic to easily changeable weather, then try to do not very often out of the House, and preventive medicine previous allergies have a drink if you want to get out of the House.

If you are allergic to drugs, try mengkonsultasikannya used to be a doctor, to inquire what medications can I consume. to prevent the risk of you allergic to medications. Do not directly drink the medicine is in store because your not necessarily fit in with the drug.

Konsultasikanlah first with doctors to get full information about your allergies. Well, we already know how to prevent allergies, now how about if it's allergies have been hit? Try to see a doctor as soon as possible, because you are given an allergy to help reduce your allergies, and rest.

In fact the core of everything we have to maintain the correct healthy lifestyle patterns in our daily lives, so the risk exposed to a variety of diseases will be inevitable. Your life will also feel more comfortable and relaxed because it is not afraid of a variety of diseases.
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