Relying On Natural Antibiotic To Prevent Infection

Who would have thought that herbs or plants that may often you encounter could be a natural antibiotic? One honey, is the oldest natural antibiotic which applicated into treatment methods. The use of antibiotics aimed at rooting out and hinder the growth of bacteria. Antibiotics have been known and applied since hundreds of years ago. However, lately many studies that prove the efficacy of antibiotics in natural materials.

Honey is a natural antibiotic that is believed to be the oldest is able to help the body cope with an array of ailments. Efficacy of honey has been used since ancient Egypt civilization as a healing balm for wounds and antibacterial. The darker the color of honey, eat the better ability of anti-bacterial and antioksidannya. Health practitioners agree that the benefits of honey as natural medicines to remain potent.

Honey contains hydrogen peroxide which is useful as antibacterial. One of the benefits of honey is protecting and caring for skin health. Honey also contains amounts of sugar pretty much stop the growth of certain bacteria to function.

One type of honey that is believed to maintain health is manuka honey. The use of honey as a natural antibiotic is by applying directly to the infected area. These applications will be influential in the Honey kills the bacteria and speed up the healing process.

However, it still required a lot of research to prove this. One thing to remember is to keep kids aged under one year of coverage and the consumption of honey. When honey is consumed by children under 1 years old can lead to botulism disease risk, which causes paralysis. In addition to honey, there is also some materials as natural antibiotic such as:

The essential oil of thyme leaves
This oil was instrumental in warding off bacteria. The research of testing the essential oils of lavender and thyme leaves to ward off an attack more than 120 bacteria. As a result, the essential oil of thyme leaves are more effective in killing bacteria.

The use of oil of life leaves timi is only for wounds. Not recommended for mengonsumsinya. When applying on wounds, combine oil life oil leaves timi with carrier oil, such as coconut oil or olive oil. This is done because the oil leaves the timi not dissolved can cause inflammation and irritation.

The essential oil of oregano
Carvacrol content in oil of oregano has the functions of life are important in reducing inflammation and heal peptic ulcers. Simply squirt a little oregano essential oil into the water. Squirt the mixture to the infected area. This essential oil is also believed to be able to cope with sinus infections cause sinusitis with mengirupnya. However, do not ingest or apply directly to the skin.

Garlic extract
Garlic extract has long believed are antimicrobial. Research in 2011 prove concentrates enough garlic effective against bacterial attack. Garlic extract itself can be found on the market. If you want to make it your own, soak some garlic cloves in olive oil.

Garlic is generally safe for consumption. At least two cloves a day. More than that, cause internal bleeding risk. Garlic in large doses can amplify the effects of blood thinning drugs. Therefore, consult the problem use garlic as an antibiotic to the doctor.

First, ask the doctor before using a natural antibiotic, and do not replace the antibiotic drugs from a doctor with a natural antibiotic without the consent of a doctor. The advice of a doctor is the right solution to avoid complications and worsening of the disease.
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