Various Ways Of Overcoming Eye Plus

Eye plus can happen to anyone, from children to adults. There are several ways to help improve the function of vision eye plus, sufferers can use glasses, contact lenses, or through a surgical procedure.

Eye plus or nearsightedness is a vision that makes the sufferer difficulty seeing objects nearby. They can instead be looking at something far away clearly. Why can it be so? In a normal eye, light enters into the eye will fall directly on the retina. But in the eyes of light plus, thus falling behind the retina.

The light can fall behind the retina is not without cause. It could be because there really is disruption on our eyes. For example, the eye lens can't focus properly, the cornea is too flat, the ball our eyes too short, or the lens of the eye becomes rigid as we get older. In addition, people with eyes plus can also bequeath it to his son.

Various ways of Overcoming Eye Plus
In order to be able to see objects at close range with a clear eye, plus can be treated in different ways. Ranging from easy, like using glasses or contact lenses, to more complex through a surgical procedure. The treatment is intended to bend the light so that it falls directly on the retina of the eye.

The safest way is referred to as sunglasses, cheapest, and easiest to overcome eye plus. We can also choose the shape, color, model, and glasses according to the desires and budget. But before buying a pair of glasses, you need to perform an examination of the eye to the doctor to get a prescription glasses that suit your conditions.

Contact lenses
If you don't like the glasses, we can choose a contact lens for treating eye plus. Contact lenses can give a clearer and more extensive, but the price is likely to be more expensive than glasses and requires cleanliness as well as a more painstaking care. Therefore, it is considered more suitable contact lenses used by teens and adults.

Lazy loading-install, maintain, and worked at a glasses or contact lenses? Refraktif operations can be a solution. This surgical procedure is performed by changing the shape of the cornea permanently. This method consists of several types, namely:
  • LASIC. LASIC surgery is a medical procedure to remove the lining in the central part of the cornea using a laser, and then change the shape of the cornea to improve vision function.
  • LASEC. Reshaping the outer layer of the cornea and correct curvature.
  • PRC. Reshapes the cornea using a laser beam by first removing the surface epithelium of the eye area. Later the epithelium grows back will follow the shape of the cornea.
  • CC. using radio frequency energy to channel the heat on small spots around the cornea.
After surgery, you will probably experience some complications such as dry eye, infections, until the formation of scar tissue on the cornea. Any risk of their residence after surgery impaired can still occur.

In order to determine the treatment of eyes plus which is the most suitable, we recommend you consult an eye specialist to the doctor first. In addition, don't forget to go to the eye doctor every two or four years for Your eye health checked.
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