Eliminate stress Naturally and effectively

Everyone certainly never experienced such thing as stress, whether it is caused by factors outside and from inside of you. The usual factors beyond most often cause stress, such as a very grumpy boss and always give extra work without extra pay, or kompemsasi is no accident that one of the families that we hold dear. We usually will direct stress if you have one of the above events.

As for factors from within ourselves such as emotion or lack of explosiveness easy confident or very shy and very difficult to get along so it doesn't have any friends. This can make us stress, dikarena we are social beings must always communicate with other people, just imagine if you do not have a friend, surely you will feel stress.

Many of us also if you experience stress, to consume a wide variety of drugs for the relief of stresnya, whereas with mengkomsumsi drugs is absolutely not good for your body, dikarena chemical substances contained therein. And most of these medications is hard medicine. From this I will give you some tips or ways to relieve your stress, as for that is:
  • Strive always to be smiling every time, even though you are a lot of problems. Because if it is too stubborn in your problems, the problem will not be completed even as you will be more stress. Try to smile face it and try to finish it in slowly. Don't be afraid to ask for help others to resolve your problem, or you could curhatkan that issue to the person nearest to you.
  • Massage can also relieve stress. By massaging the base of the neck and the surrounding area can release hormones serotonin, that is a natural anti-depressant. Especially if you have a spouse, for sure it feels will taste better if your partner to massage you. 
  • Gathered together friends, there you can be sharing about anything that has happened. It's a problem or ntah whatever that is. By sharing, it will taste better.
  • Try not to stack up your work, because with the piling work even you just make yourself stress myself because of the many jobs that you have to accomplish.
  • Do the correct healthy lifestyle pattern, by exercising, eating foods high in fiber and do not forget fruits rich in vitamin c.
The holidays if it's possible, maybe you can use a Sunday (if off) to go on vacation with your family or your closest friends. Because with the holidays, can eliminate fatigue during your work, and your body and mind become fresh again.

That's some tips/how to eliminate your stress may be useful, Yes. More natural than consume drugs, correct? And don't forget the healthy life pattern is a very important aspect in preventing stress because a healthy body will more easily avoid stress.
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